HAN University of Applied Sciences


Whether you call it Holland or the Netherlands, it is the chosen study  destination for over 122,000 foreign students each year. The cultural diversity represented by more than 160 nationalities makes Holland the perfect place for exchange of knowledge, ideas and cultures. Besides this cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is also very secure and was placed in the top 20 of safest countries in the world.

With their very open and direct manner, the majority of Dutch people also speak English along with another foreign language, like German or French. Recently the Netherlands was even ranked number one on English proficiency out of 72 countries where English is spoken as a second language. So you do not have to learn Dutch in order to study here.

As a foreign student you will notice how welcoming and tolerant the Dutch are, a mentality that has been engrained in the Dutch culture throughout its rich international history.

‘Since my childhood, automobiles have been my passion. Studying Automotive Engineering at HAN has proven to be just what I expected since my first visit to an Open Day. The lectures are well structured and allow for specialisations based on your interests. This is complemented by various projects that not only give us a chance to implement theoretical knowledge, but also provide an insight into teamwork and management.’

Rohan Patil – Indian student