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About the NEXT Education Global Internship Program

Next Education Global is an internationally operating educational consultancy with offices in the Netherlands (Main Office), Canada and Malta. It is engaged in developing international education programs for institutions and for students and faculty at all levels all over the world.

One of our flagship programs is the NEXT Education Global Internship Program for students in post-secondary education, varying from vocational to academic students. 

Our interns are temporary employees of 18+ years old who work (follow an internship) in a company as part of their educational training in their home country. A work placement company is a company that has at least 10 fulltime employees and offers internships to students following senior secondary vocational education or higher education.


Our highly qualified and motivated students will carry out part of their education or training at accredited work placement companies abroad. If your company wants to offer internships to our students through our program, your company must be a work placement company accredited by NEXT Education Global. Our accreditation by automatically includes accreditation by the Foundation for Cooperation between Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB) in the Netherlands. Professional education and the business sector in the Netherlands work together there. A NEXT Certificate as a work placement company is valid for 4 years.

As an accredited work placement company, you will uphold the following conditions:

  1. You offer our students a valuable and safe workplace that corresponds with their education or training. The student will carry out the profession for which he or she is training with the corresponding tasks and requirements. You will guarantee guidance during the placement and agree on pay/remuneration to the student beforehand. You must observe the legal regulations current in your country related to working hours and time off.
  1. You assign a senior workplace trainer, who has good insight in the profession and is able to coach and manage students on the work-floor. You will make time and resources available for the workplace trainer to carry out these tasks. You will have a proper orientation period
  1. You are willing to cooperate with the school of the student in the home country as well as with NEXT Education Global, and you will provide the appropriate and necessary information to all parties involved e.g. a written work placement program that has to be accepted by NEXT

Please complete this form if you are interested in recruiting a student through the Global Internship Program:

We will get in touch with you within a week to see how we can help you.


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