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seven reasons why to study & intern in...

The US

1. International and multicultural – there are almost one million international students in the US.

2. There is a wide variety of study and internship programs with a lot of flexibility.

3. The nature of US education provides an opportunity to develop yourself personally by learning in and outside the classroom.

4. Access to resources, funding and teachers.

5. The best universities in the world are located in the US: you will be challenged academically both through education and research.

6. Education and business are very much linked in the US with many funding and career opportunities.

7. There is always an international focus in whatever study or internship you choose. The US is a major global power and many colleges and businesses are focused on internationalization.

The netherlands

1. International and multicultural – most Dutch speak English (as well as German, French, and a multitude of other languages) and are well traveled. It is home to many international businesses and families.

2. Open, safe and welcoming – the Netherlands’ culture is very open and tolerant, welcoming everyone to share their opinions and express themselves, which is definitely encouraged amongst students.

3. Affordable education – studying in the Netherlands is relatively inexpensive compared to other English speaking nations (such as the US or the UK). Higher education in the Netherlands is also government subsidized, keeping tuition fees relatively low.

4. Affordable living – cost of living in the Netherlands is ranked lower than nations such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France and Belgium. This is especially true of the ‘big cost items’ in life such as rent, health insurance, public transport (which is easily accessible and vast), and food. Students are also entitled to many discounts.

5. Travel opportunities – the Netherlands is centrally located in Europe and has great connections and accessibility to all major European cities. It also has a vast and well connected public transport system meaning it is easy to explore the country.

6. Language learning opportunities – whilst you study in English, you also have many opportunities to learn a new language such as Dutch, French and German.

7. Internationally recognized degrees – scientific research at Dutch universities is very highly valued at both the national and international level. Education in the Netherlands meets all international standards and is well-reputed worldwide.



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